Linfacha Maravilhas da Terra 120g

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4.20 LBS
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  • – A Super Mix of natural assets developed to the highest technological standard, guaranteeing their purity and effectiveness, attested by the highest international certifications.
  • -Its mix of Thermogenic herbs, Antioxidants and diuretics, make Linfacha a powerful ally in burning body fat.
  • – Favoring the elimination of toxins contributing to better functionality of the organism. Promotes rapid elimination of retained liquids, reducing swelling.
  • – Our tea helps thousands of people to live with health, self-esteem, joy and happy with their body.
  • – Benefits: Accelerates Metabolism, Burns body fat, Assists in weight loss processes, Reduces swelling and fluid retention, Improves intestinal functionality, Improves digestion, Combats tiredness and fatigue, Provides energy and mood. Package contain 1 Bag.
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